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Media in this category are believed to have incomplete, misleading, or cryptic names, and will be renamed by an administrator or a filemover. To add images to this category, please use the {{Rename}} template. If the template is improperly filled, the file will be added to the Category:Incomplete media renaming requests. If you wish to request the right to rename files, please go to Commons:Requests for rights.


Administrators and filemovers

  1. Please verify the validity of the request against the guidelines at Commons:File renaming
  2. To rename the file, Click the "Rename & Replace" button. The following will occur:
    • You will be prompted to confirm the act or to modify the reason and destination
    • The rename action will be recorded in the move log
    • The {{Rename}} template will be removed
    • CommonsDelinker will be invoked to replace all instance of the old name usage
  3. If any of the actions mentioned above failed, please perform them manually
  4. If you have any problems with this tool, report them to MediaWiki talk:AjaxQuickDelete.js

Other contributors

To help the maintenance of renaming requests listed below, you can:

  1. Check if the rename requests conform to the guidelines at Commons:File renaming. If not, you can either leave a note at the image's talk page or remove the {{Rename}} if it is obvious that the file should not be renamed.
  2. Check the files in Category:Incomplete media renaming requests and Category:Media renaming requests needing target and fix the syntax of the {{Rename}} template.

This category has a backlog that requires the attention of experienced editors.
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